Hitler just died (strangest proof ever that with veganism and without alpha emitting nanoparticulates you can live very long) – a talk on feminazism – and the new race riots

Somebody who faked death, escaped, survived in hiding in South America thanks to a crowd of followers… quasi-vegetarian before his false death… Ok, end of the guess game, I’m talking about Hitler. Quasi vegetarian before 1945, went to South America and obviously became full vegan after 1945 (year of the invention of the B12 vitamin)… Nazi uranium mines, from November 1938, used concentration camps inmates because the Nazi staff noticed how the life expectancy of wage workers was very low – “they died in their 40s” – so Hitler had knowledge of alpha-emitting nanoparticulates, avoided them carefully, this together with veganism means a extremely good state of health that certainly attracted him more followers in a kind of cult over the years in hiding. In mid-2017, I was doing a PhD on Sismondi, the main author inspiring his socialist views (I did not know that then – just researching), I had not yet expressed yet my views on my subject at all (see last chapter in From an Einstein Syndrome to the People for my final analysis), and at the same time was in the middle of my inquiries on depleted uranium weapons, I found out in May-June 2017 that fission is involved in antitank weapons (and understood in detail on July 4th) so why DU is not needed – since 1931 in fact nuclear fission is used in weapons, the first primitive atomic bombs e.g. antitank shells (compression of a small piece of highly enriched uranium or plutonium together with a neutron source allows to overcome for a short time the effective mass, the resulting nuclear explosion is enough to melt down some armour), used first by Franco’s nationalist army in the Spanish Civil War, and then by Hitler, whereas the French army had delays in scientific research, so it was crushed in six weeks in 1940. So DU is added as radiotoxic ballast since the end of the Vietnam war, it’s not needed to melt down armour (even though you could say that its radioactive load fosters an additional incendiary effect, you could simply use a little bit more highly enriched uranium and a non-radioactive ballast instead for equivalent energy yields and almost no health effects), the effects on life and the environment are tremendous (see homepage for my peer-reviewed papers). I am the first to publish the “secret” online, there is a big opportunity for he who knows… even a former French Army general, Pierre-Marie Gallois, said in 1995 in an interview that systematic use of DU is a crime against humanity… so… “Hello…” — 20 June 2017 in Sputnik News (I had already made publications on fission in AT weapons then, my understanding of the workings was just not perfect until July 4th) https://sputniknews.com/latam/201706201054798602-argentina-hitler-nazi-treasure/

It’s important by the way to underline that, in spite of the many fabrications of Palestinian militants who want you to believe the opposite, the Israeli Defence Forces do not salt their bombs with DU.

So I just found about Hitler being still alive a few weeks ago, emailed the right people, and he was killed (drowned, in Michigan).

Some social media accounts (in the youth, the videogame movement for instance, many teenagers have a cult of Hitler…) reported the news of his actual death…

Above, someone else from a different viewpoint (GOP) got the news early too


I call to pardon Governor Gretchen Whitmer who knew of Hitler being alive and obviously protected him. She should resign but be pardoned. For women, there is a tremendous issue related to the erection of the clitoris that is never explained, the suppression of women’s erect organ in its true length (identical to a penis erection, allows in particular the penetration of a man’s anus as he penetrates the vagina from the rear) leads to an envy, which is to believe that Nazi salutes, and the rise of Nazi Germany, is an unconscious “resurfacing of the erect clitoris” — which it is not, Nazism was a masculine movement, the angle of the nazi salute makes clear it represents a penis erection, Hitler did not came to power thanks to the vote of women across Germany but thanks to the massive vote of the Eastern provinces that are not traditional Germany but areas of what is today Poland, such areas demanded a militaristic regime to protect them.

“Feminazis” as they can be called may certainly refer to the forgetting of the clitoris by Sigmund Freud – a Jewish man, fostering antisemitism. This together with the forgetting of the erect clitoris in general in the media can lead women, due to despair, to taking refuge into the myth that Nazi Germany “represented the clitoris”. Really.

Ok, so, besides, Hitler has family, and after he died some grandson took a revenge and that’s a different issue :

Derek Chauvin, a grandson of Hitler
Look very well if you’re not convinced. Same face.

So Nazis got the race riots they wanted and can spread hate… (Ok, this does not mean I stand with the rioters. I don’t. Really. Go home and smoke some weed, people.)

I wait for the people who actually killed Hitler to talk about it!

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