Areas of mass execution on the mountains of Tibet – CCP purge ?

The geology creates a hiatus when some soils are bauxite rich or rhyolitic. But the precise spreading of the red colour on some hills and water basins allows to discriminate. Mass executions have taken place in a semiritualistic ways near a lake in which the surroundings are also geologically quite reddish – but not this way. Next to that is a place of digging, trenches. The sedimentary deposits are related to uranium-rich hills besides.

Trenches in the bottom part
That lake in the middle. Too red. Blood. Not mercury or bauxite even though the rocks around are bauxitic. Executions.
A large semi-open semi-corridor uranium mining area but not with the feeling of guards around. Paid workers likely.
Except for the very bottom (bauxite) the red hills are covered in blood and faeces from mass killings and corpses pulled (left to be eaten by vultures…). Censored area on the top with killings ONGOING. Compare with the middle, unstained.
Zoom on a blood spill. Geologically absurd.
Blood and faeces (faeces below, from sphincter release in death). On top, clean hills.

Another case, Buddhist pilgrims.

This shows a recently used (abandoned now a priori) corridor mining zone to execute Buddhists.

I thought of the pilgrims who travel by prosternating every few steps. Annoying for military convoys…

More execution mines

It’s not exactly the trench system. More sinuous. It’s consistent with CCP members seeing the pilgrims “eat the dust” on roads and sending them to “eat more” on the mountains.

I was attracted to that particular place in Delingha by the tremendous levels of airborne particulate matter. There’s a crematory oven area with a giant chimney and tombstone storage area along.

This shows a few groups at work (some groups are blackened – censored – in a way that demonstrates progressive climbing of the hills with new groups to be executed).

Based on the partial inactivity of the crematory plant (top area – and lack of guards) I have made the estimate that the flux of activity is decreasing. I think that CCP decisionmakers have read my blog post showing the low efficiency of weapons made this way, after having installed the plant, and decided the progressive end of this crematory system.

I also wonder who was killed on the hills. It’s highly possible in my opinion that a large bunch of uranium laogai guards were executed by superiors in the hierarchy to erase the memories of the uranium corridor system together with the main murderers. That’s my main hypothesis. I notice areas of sedimented corridors. What about refills with sands to conceal ?

Example of refilled corridors

Lastly, I have to say I do not think the prosternation is an excellent religious custom. It may be used and it certainly is used mainly by mischievous people attempting to cover their hypocrisy by outward (anti-squeezed) religious practice. It’s not a good custom. You don’t need to self destroy in the countryside to be a good Buddhist.

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