The Chinese Communist party is certainly lying about the decrease of coronavirus cases

1. There is a very strong incentive for the CCP to pretend it eventually managed to control the plague, due to both the pretense of efficiency of central planning that they have to uphold after a very humiliating defacement in front of the international media, and the economic pressure they want to relieve,


2. A very easy game of concealing new cases as the few foreign journalists have evacuated the area, we’re not in Hong Kong but in the center of the country

I would also mention rumors reported by Radio Free Asia of “24h/24 cremation of dead bodies”, a few weeks ago (RFA underlined this was simply sayings).

How easy it is to simply stop reporting the new cases to the foreign press ? The Chinese Communist Party is a huge machine, which much more strength in terms of technology and human force than what the Soviet Union’s Communist Party had back in the time.

Richard Engel from MSNBC also voiced his skepticism. I am surprised few people on Twitter took up the point; and even elsewhere in the libertarian media.

As a reminder the raging gulags of the country include death camps with extermination zones : the uranium mine laogais. Google Satellite showed me the many uranium mines thanks to the pixellization of the “slaves”. It is a huge system of industrial death that is obviously the final destination of the Uighurs that leave the reeducation camps because of “disobedience” (in the testimonies where you can read for instance that Uighurs are jailed and “brainwashed”, sometimes someone gets raped in front of everyone else, those who look elsewhere get taken out and are never seen again…) and that was and still is as well the final destination of the Tibetans.

The virus could have originated from the slaves of the uranium gulags. People whose bodies are full of uranium are, when contaminated with viruses, bacteria, fungii, people where these have very high likelihood to mutate. There also is a virology institute in Wuhan. Whatever : in both cases, the Taal radioactive fallout obviously demultiplicated the intensity of the epidemy, starting from mid-January.

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