Coronavirus / COVID19 update : more proof Salvia officinalis works

Dear readers,

I have, myself, tested and confirmed on myself the plant Salvia officinalis works against the coronavirus. Having noted, early, that the composition of its root is chemically close to chloroquine and due to general confidence in its powerful antiviral properties, I immediately took it when I was contaminated by the virus, just above the mouth (it being very thick, the contamination & penetration in the body pores was felt, I mashed the dried leaves less than 30 seconds after feeling it, pushed the juice where the virus had reached, it destroyed it). Did self quarantine and took some more Salvia than I usually eat, by precautionary principle, but nothing happened.
There is MORE to support my affirmation : In Wińska K, Mączka W, Łyczko J, Grabarczyk M, Czubaszek A, Szumny A. Essential Oils as Antimicrobial Agents-Myth or Real Alternative?. Molecules. 2019;24(11):2130. Published 2019 Jun 5. doi:10.3390/molecules24112130
we read that “EO of Salvia officinalis was active against severe acute respiratory coronavirus SARS-CoV (RNA virus)” (EO for essential oils)
I would like to underline the following : first, immediate action helps because the virus has no time to multiply, so for patients already having symptoms, more than a pinch will certainly be needed. Dried leaves, eaten like that, don’t even make tea with it but mash well. Also, note I’m vegan, healthy lifestyle, not a cigarette, no alcohol, so it’s kind of easy for me… If you already have a condition, suffer from something, the virus may easily find places (areas with inflammation for instance) to proliferate and you’ll have more difficulties destroying it ! more Salvia and a betterment of your usual habits (like going vegan, stopping cigarette…) will be needed.
Of course the usual recommendations also apply, wash your hands frequently & avoid contact for instance but don’t you wash your hands regularly anyway ?

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