Update on the new Coronavirus – Salvia officinalis CURES it and Scutellaria baicalensis should also work.

Live experiment on my own body confirms Salvia officinalis CURES the coronavirus. You feel the virus when it enters the pores of the body – can happen through skin, anywhere. The virus being very big that’s why you can feel it. So immediate use of Salvia officinalis – best eaten fresh as always ! destroys the coronavirus. I know I am fully healthy now. I can feel that Scutellaria baicalensis also works (believe me).

I have felt from the 22d to the 23rd of January, here in south west Brittany the beginning of the passing of the tephra cloud from the Taal eruption. Brown clouds in the high atmosphere were evident. Alpha emitting nanoparticulates sensed in a somehow remanent level in streets at hours where there should be none with strictly no car circulating – so I understood the fallout and also sensed in my blood the differing form of the contamination, “ash nature”, the geological origin can be felt, totally unusual and only mildly radioactive nevertheless as expected in volcanic ash. But I felt quite sick for a moment and exhausted of course especially as I tend to expose myself a bit deliberately to examine contamination levels instead of quickly drinking a lot of coffee.

The tephra cloud obviously contaminated China immediately and massively since the typical hot particles travel westward. The new coronavirus is obviously coming from that (some alpha emitting nanoparticle, typically, gets into an organism contaminated with a form of the virus, one alpha decay impacts it and triggers a change in the organization of the virus ; human RNA can be trashed by the alpha decay into the virus, making it hereafter more swift to re-enter human bodies…). Here is the cloud seen from Hong Kong thanks to a radioactivity sensor :

taal fallout
Must of course remind : that’s mostly fission products coming out of the volcano, alpha-emitting nanoparticulates as well come out but at a limited level, getting up to 1 microSv/h in pure uranium dust is just torture.

The Taal “is the culprit” but it’s only the tip of the iceberg, this is more alpha emitting radioactivity coming into an extremely polluted & densely populated land with lots of people having bad hygiene, smoking a lot and eating meats (so all reasons for weak immune defenses and quick interhuman transmission) ; the mutation can happen in cattle farming of some sort, meats stored for markets might also be repositories of the virus… there have been a number of major nuclear accidents in the past in China too (Leizhou in August 2018 (see end of the peer reviewed paper), Tianjin in August 2015, both ought to be ranked INES 7) meaning a lot of alpha emitting nanoparticulates are in circulation in mainland China, so that means the risk of an acute pandemy in the country is even higher. There is a virology institute in Wuhan & there is also the uranium mine laogais. The virus could have originated from the institute, deliberately (targeting opponents ?) or accidentally, or could have started in groups of victims of the uranium laogai, whose bodies particularly full of uranium have a particularly high potential for the mutation of viruses, bacteria, fungii contaminating them.

People who eat animals, make suffer nature, nature comes & seeks them, it’s part of natural justice. I think by the way that salvia officinalis should be experimented for fighting the COVID-19, and of course medical cannabis terpens that have antiviral properties – and a good diet, no tobacco, no alcohol etc. Even though chloroquine also should be tried. Quinones, of a family very close to chloroquine, are found in Salvia officinalis roots.

Screenshot_2020-02-19 4-Aminoquinoline - WikipediaScreenshot_2020-02-19 Quinone - Wikipedia

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