Oumuamua explained

Read my paper here and my article on the Tunguska event and Ultima Thule, also explained by this paper.demo blackhole

I’m really not good at graphism but this summarizes a good part of my paper

Just to point the simple explanation for ‘Oumuamua :

As Pan, Prometheus and other very small satellites it is a shard from a black hole that did NOT get a cluster of antigravitons inside. Hence a closure with no slingshot force in the middle (no wrapping) and the extremities of the shard solely pulled back by the black hole of origin behind, and a flat aspect. Prometheus especially is quasi identical to what data shows of Oumuamua… there should be no mystery behind that flat object. Below : Prometheus & Pan.

I repeat that Ultima Thule is a giant exotic atom liberated from the pressure forces of the black hole by the uncontrolled chain reaction that is the force underlying that eruption as it was fissionating, and thus interrupted before. U236 is a simple comparison. The asymettry of fission products evidences the very slow neutrons as “postulated” (with evidence) in my paper before the news of Ultima Thule came…