Sequoyah & Watts Bar NPPs, secret sodium cooled fast reactors in the USA ? and other secret sodium-cooled fast reactors around today…

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Here we have a sodium-powered cruise missile in action – blue flash because of the high temperature. Na24 acts as powerful neutron trigger for higher yields (it’s a demultiplicator). All antitank warheads, cruise missiles etc. use nuclear fission with very small pieces of highly enriched uranium. Compression, hydrogenation, a powerful neutron sources, neutron reflectors are “power-ups”.

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Read also this for more precise explanations, more proof.
So yes, depleted uranium is added in amounts of hundreds and hundreds of kilograms in each heavy bunker buster, cruise missile etc but has no armour piercing effect of its own, it’s a weapon of genocide.

So let’s now come to the Sequoyah NPP.

Making things simple :

  • Sodium cooled fast reactors are both for RAPID production of Pu239 and production of sodium-24, radioactive sodium (“radiosodium”) used for the very powerful neutron source they provide when compressed into heavy water (or tritiated water of course). Na24 is a powerful neutron source… these reactors also allows for production of tritium. Na24 has a short half life (14 hours) so needs to be produced quickly before its use in nuclear warheads. Produced close to warfields or to missile bases.
  • Chernobyl was a sodium-cooled fast breeder (demonstration) which exploded because of a failure in the extraction process for Pu239 – a manmade accident. It was also obviously aimed at Na24 production for invasion of Western Europe. The EBR II was close to an US ICBM base in Idaho. All the French sodium breeder reactors (near Nîmes in the Gard for Phénix and the planned ASTRID project, near Grenoble for the huge Superphénix, in Cadarache near Aix en Provence for Rapsodie) are built or planned in the South-East of the country, closer to the Middle East, for rapid production of the Na24 before flight to bomb the Arabs with the “power of sodomy”… Because sodium 24 increase the penetration power of bombs.

So what’s a “Soddy-Daisy” if not the machine allowing for sodomy of the enemy ? With a “sequoyah”. (read my draft article on the innate bisexuality of the human being and its massive repression everywhere)

1969 : opening of the new city of Soddy-Daisy, to house the Sequoyah nuclear power plant. 1970, funds are given for a “sodium breeder project” in Clinch River, Oak Ridge, nearby, funding is terminated in 1983, it’s obvious that the money actually served for making a secret sodium plant in Sequoyah. The plant was “closed for inspections” less than two weeks after the K431 accident in 10 August 1985. The K431 was a Soviet alfa class attack submarine with a fast neutron reactor (lead-bismuth, no huge fireball). Fast neutron reactors are all unstable due to the rapidity of the neutrons and the positive void coefficient that always come with them (no configuration allows for “negative void coefficient at low powers”, that’s a lie). Intelligence certainly got the info of the explosion very quickly. A very small cosmic event had indeed destroyed the K431, frail because of the fast neutron design (as the Cosmos 954 in 1978 which was not a RTG but an actual nuclear reactor powered satellite) – the actual explanation is here.

Watts Bar is a direct reference to the system of pressure bars (when you press the bars you increase sodium density and thus the electricity output, it’s a design identical to Chernobyl and the same design is obviously used in all sodium reactors ; thanks to the positive void coefficient the reactor is very quickly at full electrical yield). The reactor was built nearby a few years later, also by the Tennessee Valley Authority, a very old administration, highly respected because of its links with the 1930s “New Deal”, the ideal cover. The construction on the Watts Bar reactors also was also halted in September 1985. It’s another case.

I have no idea whether it is still a sodium cooled fast reactor TODAY. It’s certain that there are small sodium-cooled fast reactors used in the military in the warfield for readying Na24 just before air raids, etc. I think there is one regularly used in the Canjuers military camp in south eastern France, for instance (I actually felt the powerful gamma rays of the Na24, which cannot even be detected with most Geigers because of their threshold, much below 2 MeVs for gammas – on my face, a feeling of “plump pressure” on a night a few hours after I knew they had been training with their missiles). I also think there are certainly similar design onboard most aircraft carriers and in military bases close to the Middle East. The Russian Federation has two officially recognized sodium cooled fast reactors, the BN 600 and BN 800, for their own ICBMS, and there are more RBMKs still around and I think part of them at least could also still have sodium cooled fast cores.

In China a MAJOR nuclear accident has recently happened (August 2018) and it is clearly and obviously a sodium cooled fast reactor as well. The reactor is in the South close to the disputed area of the Spratleys, and close to Taiwan. Destroyed by a hurricane. In the totalitarian context of China and with the barrier of the language I do not have local information. The massive burst of radioactivity testifies of the full emptying of the reactor in a single explosion, this happens solely with a flammable & explosive product like sodium.

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screenshot from 2018-12-06 10-48-55
Just before the shutdown of the last available Geiger in the area – 8 milliSieverts/h more than one month after the accident