Some conspiracy theories easy to debunk – act 1

  • Houses explosions from natural gas, for instance in Pennsylvania – a blogger finds a link between Hillary Clinton and somebody in a house – a conspiracy theory spreads, “they use gas tubes for selective elimination” – why it’s ridiculous but easy for normal people to understand ? the magma from the coming mantle plume is bubbling underground.

The “Northern Appalachian Anomaly” : the very very very very hypocritical name given by odious geologists who do not want you to know the scientific truth. Read on my article on the future volcano of Anchorage… I’ve even actually tried to send an article to the Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research – they refused it immediately.

There is natural gas coming from that mantle plume (read on – I won’t even list the 15+ top journals that rejected my paper, they’re all digging their head into the ground) and it’s the reason of the high amount of gas in the area. But whenever magma comes up it can trigger a series of flames in the gas – here’s an example in Arkansas (flames shot from a hole, creating a pillar of flames), if there is a single small leak in the gas pipes the entire pipe takes fire !

You can also have a hole in a pipe, a leak, as above, and contact because of a series of faults, with a gas pocket locally lighted up by fracking (shaped charges and their small nuclear explosions) – same consequences.

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