“Depleted” uranium : From Mavericks to Maverick ? John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer

Dear readers,

As you may know I am working on “depleted” uranium use in anti-tank missiles and GBU bombs and one of the first missiles for which I have gained knowledge of the use of uranium is the famous Maverick, the most used missile during the first Gulf War, which harbours a WDU-20 warhead where DU means “depleted uranium”. Even Jane’s once confirmed the Mavericks included a depleted uranium head. Uranium is in fact used systematically. You can check the website of my small non-profit http://www.assopyrophor.org on this topic as well as on the use of very small levels of nuclear fission in these weapons.

It is the evidence that Beau Biden, the son of Joe, died because of uranium dust exposure during military service in Iraq. In the high ranks of US officials, John McCain may indeed be the second known victim. He spent many time in Iraq and also traveled to Syria, in war areas, along US troops. The carcinogenic and teratogenic effects of exposure to these weapons is well known since the epidemic of severe illnesses in Gulf War 1 and 2 veterans happened, and the exponential increase of cancers and birth defects in Iraq (for a sample by Dr. Samira Alaani and the Fallujah Hospital team check out their Facebook photo album, updated weekly with new cases). An Italian non-profit has counted 344 deaths and 4000 cancers for the sole Italian army since Bosnia and Afghanistan. Another recent death that is famous for French readers: Hervé Ghesquière (former hostage in Afghanistan for one year and a half), at 54, again brain cancer.

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