Vaccines – the new Sisyphean game around your health (… or not – update 18/09)

The issue of vaccine side effects is explained by internal contamination with alpha emitting nanoparticulates in the blood creating Bose-Einstein condensation around the proteins injected to the subject, leading to the formation of clots.

The OSHA, US federal agency has reported on its website that it will not collect reports of adverse side effects of vaccines to not deter their deployment, in spite of their official regulations.

Vaccines have been massively deployed on the Spring and Summer where there also is a mechanical degrowth of contamination rates because everyone is better with the heat, immunity is naturally higher. This natural phenomenon results in a degrowth of cases that is promoted as a “result of vaccine policy” by governments who don’t want to do anything else because promoting medicinal plants is against the religious beliefs of those who have a cult of Man. Promethean belief that leads to a collective negation of the obvious in a particularly astounding way.

So besides the fact that with the new “Delta / Delta +” variants there is already a small implicit recognition that it is going to be a very long battle, at least let’s give back to a Big Pharma CEO what has to be given back, Albert Bourla said that a new dose will be needed a dozen of months after the firsts…

There is a particular vaccine that should be very interesting, from ValNeva, it seems to be salvia officinalis or salvia microphylla in a liquid form together with a chemical compound inactivating it partly (to reduce the cytotoxicity). We’ll see. It’s because of this particular vaccine that I have not opposed more strongly the official vaccine policies that still usually don’t make vaccination compulsory. (In Israel the very low natural radioactivity “allows” compulsory vaccination)

It remains that none of these products are in themselves vaccination. Even though some try with inactivated viruses it’s not inactivated SARS CoV2 viruses that are used. The loop started last year has begun with the end of the trail in a normal pharmaceutic process where you first look for cures and at the end try vaccination (not to mention Didier Raoult’s experiment where he tried to be the new Merlin with his pills… the question of whether he printed my Applied Mathematics and Physics 8-1-1 and rolled it for a marijuana joint remains open). In November 2021 and later this will be a disaster with all the people getting new mutants or even old viruses whereas they were “vaccinated” and the public health sector will collapse, but it’s the fate of public healthcare when the radioactive base for immunity (reduction as much as possible of internal contamination with alpha emitting nanoparticles) is not acknowledged. Not to mention the fact the virus was a bioweapon manufactured with a tunnel uranium mine and laogai inmates next to the Wuhan P4. Nobody acknowledges (to also ensure silence on the topic of depleted uranium weapons that’s at the root…) so they suffer from their own lies, from the growing costs of the disorganisation stemming from that huge silence and from the costs stemming from the parallel haphazard faith-based industries offering magical “healing” to compensate, in particular “organic” foods and products.

Update : seeing the slow but steady progress of airborne capture with magnets of alpha emitting nanoparticulates, it’s possible the “vaccines” (with booster shots) will actually be Armour, really reinforcing immune defenses significantly.

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