Captagon : the weapon of emotional manipulation that is one of the pillars of the Hizbullah

Captagon is a drug prohibited since the mid 1980s that allows to forget exhaustion, improve alertness while overconsuming sugars, pumping up on the cardiovascular system, accelerating bloodflow and interacting with the catecholaminergic system (hormones such as dopamine, adrenaline…) ; accumulating in the prefrontal cortex it affects judgement abilities by pressing on areas that matter for decisionmaking ; it also creates artificial empathy transfer – people using it systematically, i.e. Hizbullah militants for instance, are found to entirely lose compassion for their targets because the empathy is transferred onto other people by the drug. This article by Smith, Asada and Malenka in Science ( does not directly discuss Captagon but these are direct consequences as this area is affected by the drug – the accumulated drug obfuscates natural paths of signal transmission for empathy, creating artificial channels instead. I cover the relation of Captagon to COVID19 here and believe it is essential to underline once again the key issues :

  • It may be compared to a “date rape drug”, even though it does not create artificial sleep, there is a strong effect related to loss of judgement, artificial empathy effect, that is similar and in certain ways even more pervasive
  • It is a key pillar of separatist groups, isolated from the rest of the society, that ready for terrorism. Syria is a massive producer.
  • Production has massively increased as the cardiovascular effects and sugar transformation effects seem to have some limited benefits against covid19 (see my link above), so this drug is circulating more and more widely today, esp. in Europe.
  • Very addictive (in my opinion)

I’d like to ask chemists if we can find a counter-chemical i.e. a product that can be sprayed on people under Captagon, that would inactivate rapidly the chemical… A sulfur-based compound maybe ?

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