What is the meaning of “Allah” ? Islam is not a religion.

“Allah” – from a prophet that refused to be depicted – an inspiration that came from the North, definitively, with Al-Lat in Syria (fertility & prosperity cult), Lada in Russia (before the cars – a mother god of nature, like Gaïa – the Soviet company simply tried to resurrect an old pre-Christian religion as way to promote its theoretically resilient cars…) – Koliada in Ukraine – a winter sun god.

Mohammed, Mahomet – obviously had some roots in the North that the prohibition (the hadith on representations) had, as a purpose, to erase. Obviously he had a purpose which was to seize the knowledge of earlier religions, that was latent, to transform them in a militaristic, machist way to build a kingdom, in a certain way like Mussolini seizing the souvenir of the Roman Empire to build his fascist regime. The same kind of process except that for Mussolini it happened in situ and Mussolini just used an empire to build another imperialist regime, Mohammed used old religions to establish a political reign.

In the name, Mohammed, Mahomet, there also are some distant nordic roots, nørse… The Egyptian dictator Mohammed Morsi directly represents that as his last name demonstrates the exact root as walrus, morse, the same family. A name taken from the animal by travellers who adopted it as symbol because they had met it (maybe lived as walrus hunters). Travellers from the North, one of them decided to carve a political path, into ultraviolence, not the others who stayed as a simple family. And scapegoats at the center, of course (Jews, other pagans…). Mohammed Morsi simply is a distant heir of that family.

(No joke with walrus & otter please…)

Likewise in Spanish the concept “Allah” is found as well in allá, far away.

Mohammed – he who tried to make a hammer (the tool !) from the walrus. Who tried to turn religions taken from the North into his way to empire.

Islam is not a religion. It’s strongly divided in two branches, that separated from the very beginning, fight one against each other frequently, because it’s a protocol for organizing society and not a creed, God is missing in Islam because the god comes from the North ! From far away…

It’s very akin to the Chinese Communist Party (Mahomet, Mao…) organizing communism without Marx in fact.

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