A proposal for ending the Azerbaijan vs. Armenia conflict

My point is simple : Nakhichevan inhabitants have a right to drive to the Azerbaijani mainland, the isolate has to end. There is a road and the formation of the panhandle has to come together with the recognition by Azerbaijan of the independence of Artsakh (or its merging with Armenia…). So it is a “give – give”. I underline in blue, keeping code of the gains to the right that the website I took the image from (liveuamap) uses, to show what I propose. It’s fair. Narrow, right along Iranian border. No expropriations should happen in that blue territory, that should have an autonomous government, under the aegid of Azerbaijan but with dual language ensured for all the formalities of Armenian speakers and no expropriations. At the beginning there could be a monitoring by e.g. UN White Helmets or an European Union mission of the respect of the rights of Armenian speakers under this new protocol.

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