Ethnic bioweapon update – the truth on the militarized racism of the CCP surfaces more obviously in Kazakhstan

Earlier, on the COVID19, I had pointed out (after comments from the US Department of State) how the virus is obviously an ethnic bioweapon targeting preferentially Mongol peoples. This is confirmed with recent news in Kazakhstan & the strong activism of the CCP to conceal the facts : “Kazakhstan’s health officials have dismissed a Chinese claim that the Central Asian country is facing an outbreak of pneumonia more deadly…” “The emergencies chief of the World Health Organization, Dr. Michael Ryan, said Friday that many of the pneumonia cases in Kazakhstan were likely to be COVID-19 and “just have not been diagnosed correctly.” ” (abcnews)

That it is an ethnic bioweapon of course simply means an increase in contagion and in the gravity of cases on peoples which have the appropriate genetic background.

Let’s quote another website in French that ties together the COVID19 and the “pneumonia” in a single newspiece :

No news from totalitarian Turkmenistan but recently the WHO itself expressed anxiety on the situation in that country. In these countries in general the absence of transparency is a widespread disease but the facts coming out demonstrate there is a particular issue related to the ethnic nature of the coronavirus released from the Wuhan P4.

It’s important to remind of the ancestral rivalries between ethnic Hans and ethnic Mongols, with an history of China in which during some hundred years Mongols were at the head of the country, and before that the building of the Great Wall against these Mongols, the souvenir of this era has left a mark in the mentalities and the CCP is of course very eager to put in the paper shredder the internationalism of Marx’s manifesto to instead make use of the local atavism so as to secure more strongly its influence. All Communist regimes in the past have followed similar policies – this was discussed already in the first chapter of my book From an Einstein Syndrome to the People. Because the Communist ideology is particularly void (even more than national-socialist creeds) it needs a particularly strong linkage with local atavisms to manage to secure some kind of legitimacy. Racism, antisemitism, nationalism are in general key pillars of the actual power of Communist regimes, beyond the surface of the sickle & hammer.

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