Definitive proof that the Wuhan P4 was involved in ethnic bioweapon research – the initial strain of coronavirus was designed to target peoples with Mongol traits – how it is done (updated article)

To quote the Washington Times :

A senior Trump administration official told The Washington Times that China is known to be engaged in a covert program that includes development of biological weapons capable of attacking ethnic groups with pathogens.

“We are looking at potential biological experiments on ethnic minorities,” the official said on the condition of anonymity.

I have pointed out how uranium mine victims are used at the Wuhan P4, with a small tunnel uranium mine just behind the P4 laboratory, to load people with radioactive dust before bringing them, half-dying, in chambers for virus injections, to achieve new virus strains easily, in big numbers. (That’s much more easy, cheap, than CRISPR-CAS9…)

It’s very possible indeed that Uighurs (for instance) were brought in that mine to work, to achieve virus mutations targeting “Uighur DNA / RNA” : as the virus is hit by alpha decay together with cells of the victim, parts of the victim’s DNA / RNA (parts of what the alpha decay has broken in small pieces…) can be reappropriated by the virus as it self-repairs ; so, if the virus gets a RNA or DNA piece that is “Uighur-specific” the virus would become able to target Uighuir peoples and not e.g. the Han, in other words a working ethnically targeted virus.

Secondly, the ethnic biological weapons could have been produced with CRISPR-CAS9, if a genetic map of the Uighur (for instance) was readied by some researcher, and then tried on uranium mine victims, to more quickly assert its lethality, without risk of an early virus leak in the outside. Half-dying uranium mine victims from the target ethnic group would very rapidly die after injection if the virus has indeed selected the needed DNA/RNA of the target group (the strong internal contamination makes the body very very weak, beyond the possibility of a mutation the virus can proliferate very rapidly, with the right RNA/DNA integrated into the virus it would be a tremendous killer for the target), allowing to very quickly check whether the research output is appropriate to the aim set by the CCP (in comparison with uranium mine victims that do not come from the target ethnicity).

There are of course limits related to the fact that new mutations of the virus can easily destroy the property. The many mutations of the nCoV-19 have shown how rapidly a virus that has a high propensity to spread and a relative low fatality rate can mutate (due to all the sources of radioactivity in nature ; even though a virus mutation is a very unlikely event, the virus is so widely spread and there are so elevated amounts of radioactivity in circulation that this comes to happen frequently). This can be subsumed as a problem related to socialist planification (Ludwig von Mises’ argument) : too many unknown factors intervene and make the program impossible to sustain on the long run. Plus there is already the simple issue of the need to get the good RNA / DNA into the virus : we humans around the planet share a lot of our genetic package, even though there is much more DNA diversity in humans than in the average animal. But it is in fact very clear that working ethnic biological weapons were indeed achieved in this lab, that’s what I show below.

Rapidly looking at the epidemiological outcomes with COVID19 does not allow to answer definitively to the other question which is : is it such an ethnically designed virus that was released in Wuhan in early January. Even though we have a clear tendency of the nCoV19 to affect Black, Asians and Middle Eastern peoples in Europe and the USA (where statistics are reliable – I’d like to remind how China is massively, massively covering its pandemic, numbers in Russia where there seems to be some transparency cannot be lined up along Chinese “data”) – this in itself does not prove anything, there is simply the issue of the background health levels of these populations, in average quite bad, due to bad food habits, and also certainly more daily exposure to alpha-emitting nanoparticulates due to poor housing areas (more exposure to industrial fumes & car fumes).

But : a virus was released to put Wuhan into lockdown and arrest CCP opponents (rivals of Xi, intestine fight) in secrecy, under lockdown cover. I’m thinking of the “Wolf Totem” video, beyond the obvious link with drug trafficking there is an innuendo in favour of Hu Jintao (singing “Hu Hu Hu…” as implicit way to call him against Xi, “we miss the good old times”), perhaps did he indeed try to seize power back from Xi by allying with peoples of Mongol origin like those who did the video, that was then fired up on the social media to find supporters and get money… anyway, the CCP decided to react by releasing a virus initially set up to target peoples of Mongol origins (here research on Uighurs, as explained above, with uranium mine victims, works) because CCP officials, maybe Xi himself, thought a conspiracy was coming from that side, maybe simply because of the new music clip. Isn’t it true that the latest officially acknowledged lockdown in China (so if it’s officially acknowledged it’s because it’s really a D-I-R-E situation) is in Jilin, near Mongolia ? There, lots of people have traits for which the virus is particularly dangerous. This proves the point. It is also possible that some additional effects on populations of e.g. Asian and Middle Eastern origin are linked to the genetic profile of the nCoV19 and not to the bad health background of these populations, too. But I would like to point to the strong situation in Russia, with a powerful rise for the last two weeks. There is, for sure, the Chernobyl fallout brought back by the fires, fumes brought back to Moscow & western Russia a lot of radioactivity but there is also a good presence of Central Asian traits in Russia due to historic migration flows, which could also partly explain the very brutal rise in Russia (together with the very bad food habits, use of alcohol for instance and other bad habits that are very common in Russia). Initially, the virus also grew very rapidly in South Korea, before very strong governmental measures stopped it.

CCP officials of course believed firmly in the success of their racist science, believed it was safe to target peoples of Mongol origin in Wuhan, to “dismantle a conspiracy”, as in Wuhan the ethnicity is somehow different ; but there is overlap though and virus mutations can also rapidly destroy the “built-in ethnic asset” of the virus (or more simply, bring in the virus RNA or DNA of other populations, here Han populations, compensating for the earlier “asset”). I’d also like to remind how, in addition to all the factors of contamination that produce virus mutations, weaken bodies in general, immune systems in particular (“NORMs”, artificial contamination with radioactivity from past secret nuclear accidents – Tianjin 2015 and Leizhou 2018) the Taal volcanic fallout also brought some more and led to the virus rapidly escaping control.

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