Coronavirus update : definitive proof the Wuhan P4 manipulated viruses using radioactivity in uranium mining laogai victims

Dear readers, I have progressively updated my articles, but here is an important new series of facts ; I argued in some communications there was more than 98% of chance a tunnel uranium mine is used near the Wuhan P4 for production of virus mutations on contaminated laogai victims, I now confirm it 100% because there are geological indications demonstrating the existence of a tunnel uranium mine. In addition to the entrance (point A on my slide) I noticed how this hill is significantly flatter on its top, and how another smaller collapse near the entry also shows work closer to the surface, near the tunnel’s entrance.

Wuhan P4 uranium mine slide

This doesn’t mean this is the sole reason for the pandemic. Many journalists would like key-in-hands explanations, as if this was enough to explain everything but life ain’t easy you know. One of many mutated viruses from the P4 was, I think, released around January 10th by secret police agents to put the city in lockdown as they believed a conspiracy was around and they needed to have a safe way to arrest a lot of people.

BUT in addition to the many factors that cause a virus to spread (lots of people with bad immune defenses, due to bad food habits, coal ash from plants, tobacco use, bad quality water, car fumes etc. – all coming back to “NORMs” – and the effects of the past nuclear accidents in China, both of tremendous yield (Tianjin 2015 and, closer to Wuhan, Leizhou 2018)) the further event of the Taal volcanic eruption, whose fallout came onto central China increased the effects and led to the outpouring of the epidemic outside control of all local authorities. All volcanic eruptions spit some radioactive material, that include fission products (causing most of the radioactivity in Geigers) and alpha-emitting nanoparticulates (the real issue for health). As concerns the Taal volcanic eruption this was actually seen :

taal fallout

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