COVID19 news (updated again 02/05) : proof China’s communism is the reason of the massacre, and a new virus mutation (brain necrosis effect explained)

The novel coronavirus’ ability to spread very rapidly has clearly been selected using a CRISPR-CAS9 technology. One takes a virus, e.g. animal virus, makes editing, may also want to use prisoners or other victims of alpha-emitting nanoparticulates to get as well results, or simply the last coronavirus (SARS-CoV)… French government of Raffarin sold the P4 tech used in Lyon (Mérieux lab). So…

Screenshot_2020-04-17 Chinese researcher escorted from infectious disease lab amid RCMP investigation CBC News
(see also a surprising death linked to the subject) – thanks

I write a little bit quickly, many people may not have understood exactly what I implied but it’s simple I think : the above crime in a Canadian lab contributed obviously to the research in Wuhan. My expectation is that advanced CRISPR-CAS9 technology was taken by the stealers. Don’t miss also this.

To talk of something else, one virus mutation, appeared recently, involves brain necrosis effect : somebody has lots of alpha-emitting nanoparticulates in the brain, the coronavirus that has reached the area mutates and learns ability to multiply very rapidly in that area. Or maybe a solar neutron, in that case. Especially as it was quite sunny in many places, a sick person in a solarium ?

OF COURSE such a mutation brings the victim much closer to death so the virus has limited means to spread, there is a permanent equilibrium between contagion power (increased a bit by people from China & associated countries running around) and lethality that cannot be broken. Lethality. I mean it. It does not matter whether the virus mutates, my herbal recommendations still apply (there is a very particular case in which the coronavirus would merge with another virus and change global shape ; in this case I cannot commit fully but believe the herbal recommendation would still apply nevertheless. (:-)) ).

One can see how it is intellectually obvious that there is an equilibrium between contagion power and lethality by looking at e.g. Ebola epidemics that happen to be a local event because of the brutality of the virus, the virus needs to find equilibrium if it wants to survive. If the virus becomes bigger (particular case raised above) it moves also less easily so loses contagion power.

Nevertheless, to talk about law issues, the issue of “legality”, beyond the “COVID militias” so to speak has to be raised. For instance, I have herpes zoster and have been very careful through my life to never touch areas suffering from virus attacks in my face or elsewhere, and then housing furniture for instance in public areas. There is a “spreader behaviour” but it is difficult to confirm it, in my opinion, without e.g. photographic evidence. And image falsification techniques are advancing unfortunately, but each one is judge.

Besides the RCMP investigation, another very suspicious case below… to me Lieber is a culprit (personal feeling) but no 100% certainty for the others.

Screenshot_2020-04-17 US charges three scientists with hiding China ties


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