GMOs are part of the future of development and prosperity of the world

This should not really even have to be stated on this blog, for those who know my peer reviewed papers (and I have some subsidiary stuff on alpha-emitting nanoparticulates & health that’s not yet published). Natural radioactivity, artificial sources of contamination, even neutrons (solar neutrons…) change progressively the biology of plants everywhere. Humans doing GMO production simply do it in a planned way.

Planning, on the long term (Misesian critique) does not work i.e. on the very long term a case shall arise where it will end bad because of course of another contamination from a radioactivity source, or neutron breaking in the plant the mechanism that was inserted.

The issue of “contracts associated with the plant” is not one, it’s just a private law. Sometimes I bypass Twitter’s rules after getting banned because I am really talkative (OK that was the COVID emergency) and get banned again but I don’t complain, because they own it, it’s their product, I’m customer and by the way they’ve lost quite a lot of customers over the years due to their stupid left-of-center tendencies. The issue is people who don’t read the rules. The plantmaker sells you a GM and states you should not reproduce after season by keeping seeds, that’s law !

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