Feminism and wisdom on cannabis in the Ancient Testament vs. disappearance of women and lies in the New Testament, and even worse in the Quran

The Ancient Testament has a number of occurrences that are truly feminist in nature. One is obviously the Song of Songs where a true story of equal love is depicted. And there are many prophetesses ; Deborah for instance who “ensures 40 years of peace in the land” – an active woman who takes a political lead, judge of Israel.

The book Judges where she is mentioned also talks about unpunished violence against women (rape and sacrifice of a daughter) ; Genesis too ; but Judges concludes about the absence of true rule of law at this time, hence denouncing of course implicitly such violence. (I’m stealing this paragraph from Wendy Alsup)

I obviously leave out all the “magical” dimension, wholly delusional, to simply look at the narration of human events.

There is nothing similar in the New Testament (I have explained how Jesus faked miracles with cannabis (that’s well known) and faked also the crucifixion in my ebook – he just was a politician, certainly a Roman general, trying to overthrow Pilates), where women are not called to ruling positions and to equal love, but to mothership without sexual intercourse (Mary), or servantship (Mary of Magdala). Paul condemns homosexuality very firmly and says women have to be submitted to men. Jesus says “let children come to me”… (see again my ebook on the self repression of the universally innate bisexuality ! pedophilia is obviously one of the direct outcomes of self repression, here latent in the text)

Let’s not mention the Quran : Mohammed’s polygamy, which goes to include a less-than-teenage girl, antisemitism involving murder of Jewish civilians (and in general a great deal of imperialism), and full rejection (and rewriting) of the earlier texts. The narrative is extremely messy and whereas it says “who kills an innocent, kills mankind as a whole”, the conception of “innocence” in that text has to be questioned.

Every religious leader trying to replace the older ones used the latent homosexuality as channel for their power by binding men against women as scapegoats and other targets for the venting off of sexual and emotional frustration, offering them scapegoats to manipulate them and build political domination. Jesus does that in a way and Mohammed does it as well more harshly. It’s a market with entrepreneurs answering to the demands for scapegoats of frustrated people rejecting their innate bisexuality, each one offering more violence, more “guarantees” than competitors, to get more self-repressed persons behind himself. In a way Luther went directly in that direction as he took on Catholicism while saying at some point “burn synagogues“, a fact actually well acknowledged by Protestants nowadays who have made detailed expositions on this dark past. Sismondi on whom I wrote a lengthy article (see ebook linked above) confirms, as he is a Unitarian (not universalist, mostly angry at the Catholic cult of the Virgin Mary), son of a pastor, theorizing national-socialist economics ; criticizes at some point Islamic antisemitism before nevertheless coming strongly in favour of Islam as representing what could be summed up as a “positive revolution” ; machist, racist, and at the end of his life recommending implicitly the elimination of Jews from Poland and their replacement by “another race” ; a vivid anticipation of Hitler’s handshake with the mufti of Palestine in 1939.

The Ancient Testament mentioned cannabis (kaneh bosm) – including in the Song of Songs, where it is directly linked to love – the New Testament hid it and Christian interpretors of the Bible deliberately mistranslated it as “calamus”, another plant not doing anything near cannabis, to protect the secret ; kings of France and England also used secretly cannabis oil to heal “scrofula”, pretending miracles.


Violence never changes people (solely fuels their anger). The use of depleted uranium in weapons is a crime against humanity. See my website www.depleteduranium.org to learn everything.

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