My unpublished papers

  • Uranium and the other alpha emitters and human health – and many, many other illnesses – in fact my hypothesis is that cannabis can counter all what is caused by uranium (but won’t cure hereditary diseases, it will however be able to kill their effects with a permanent treatment – and I won’t obviously comment on birth defects). To avoid birth defects and hereditary diseases, before intercourse, masturbation (esp. for men) is obviously essential and must be repeated as much as possible for a healthy body (that it reduces prostate cancer risk is obviously because of the fact it evacuates the alpha emitting nanoparticles in sperm) and limited risks of genetic damage in children.
  • A refutation of the R processes : heavy nucleii formation in black holes, an explanation for gravitational waves, linked to volcanism – unified theory showing there is no beginning in the history of the universe and that it is strictly infinite –> Click

These two first papers have already been sent to a lot of peer reviewed journals, without success even though they both received encouraging comments from some editors.

  • The first thinkers of totalitarianism (with a focus on Sismondi) Article Pirot Sismondi (waiting for peer review at the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, but already made available here)