Urumqi, Chinese nuclear underground test site for 1 to 20 km deep tests

As the Russian Super Deep Kola Borehole, 12 km depth, and the cases in Iran and Russia confirmed with fission products leak demonstrate it, here is my claim of nuclear tests by China, near Urumqi, not far from the old Lop Nor site, with here a good recent sample :

  1. Dec 8, 2016, 15:05, two aftershocks, one deeper but the first is 13 km deep so likely detonation. It was a Mag 5.9. Maybe combinated with Russian test in the Baikal, to spread more fission products everywhere and divert triangulation in case of leaks. Maybe coordinated.

The Dec 8 earthquake led mostly to P wave detected, only 1 Sn, see the very long list of P wave detection versus only one Sn I am pretty sure there’s much more of the kind.

2.  only P waves here and 1 km depth

3. P waves only, 10 km, mag 4.3,

4. 10 km deep, no S wave, for instance, with lots of 1km depth cases, I think they are taking opportunity of the lack of fission product detectors in Central Asia to test sometimes less powerful nukes close to the ground and save money.

There is certainly much more, many quakes 1 – 20 km deep in that area. China is a wealthier country than Russia, has ways to dig better, cleaner tests, no FP leaks to my knowledge but :

  1. Russia and China are clearly using the opportunity of the lack of CTBTO fission product detectors in Central Asia (no “R” radionucleide, R+ mean it is in preparation, in… Tehran… :-/ ) – all fission products traveling westward will have a large path for falling out without detection :


2. The quakes 1km deep only match a pattern of small bombs tested cheaply, taking the opportunity of the lack of R stations

3. Oleg Rozhkov, the responsible for on-site inspection in CTBTO is a former Soviet ambassador in Myanmar…