“Bored, losing my time watching stars, using my imagination” : Some constellations and stellar phenomenons may have inspired symbols for religions (from circumcision on)

It may be suggested that the blast leading to the Orion nebula, with the “blood” suggested by its red color (easily seen in a very dark sky by good eyes) led some Ancients to develop a kind of memory of the event. “Techniques du corps” (M. Mauss : body techniques) are, possibly, old clichés that have perdured because of the total unability to understand them afterwards. We can imagin very easily that a bright unexpected light led to the idea of prepuce cutting : seeing that God “sent the instruction” – suggesting link of Judeity with memory of a very old event that men simply attempted to conserve through body marking. This is an easy explanation which suggests very early origins of the first of three monotheisms. Can Barnard’s Loop be linked to an attempt by a competing entrepreneur that saw it around, probably Mohamed and not one of his/her heirs, to develop some meaningful representation for a cult which also attempts to encompass Judeity (after Mohamed understood the primitive link between prepuce cutting and Orion nebula) ? I suggest that the single loop of Barnard around the two nebulas of Orion gave him the idea to encompass the Old and New Testament into a single book.

As a legitimate scientific explanation of New Testament miracles see medical cannabis use (suggested to predate the New Testament era). It is difficult to assess a direct link between the Cygnus crux, opposed, and the crux used by Christians (some have suggested that crucifixion was not the legitimate way to condemn Jesus, that in Roman law it should have meant lapidation – M. Onfray, Traité d’athéologie, makes the claim) but more tempting to imaginate that Hitler picked actually the Indian swastika because it looked like the constellation opposed to Orion.