Russian underground nuclear tests

Russia has demonstrated for long its ability to dig deep (record breaker drill, Kola hole 12 km depth 1989 Here a series of isolated earthquakes started approx. 10 km deep under the Baikal show a clear anomaly.

baikal depths.png

The Baikal lake is a small subduction area, which is used to conceal nuclear tests. Underground earthquakes to the south-east of the subduction area (starting from the deepest point in the lake) are legitimate but there is an island in the middle which is just west of that point which should not see earthquakes. The arc of the lake evidences the plaque falling down is the north-western, earthquakes are expected at the direct meeting point and this is obvious below :

Screenshot from 2019-10-17 14-05-13.png
Here are legitimate earthquakes, we see the axis of the subduction clearly

But there are earthquakes in the island to the North which resembles to the uninformed a “volcanic island” but is not. The water behind that island is not deep at all, very shallow.

Hence it is very easy to understand that Russia managed to build a secret test area, by drilling under that island. Earthquakes with actually solely P waves, inconsistent with the fact they come from subduction pressure.

Screenshot from 2019-10-17 14-10-30.png 100% P waves
Screenshot from 2019-10-17 14-18-36.png A single S wave but this is possible with some collapse of underground stratas. Mag 4,1, 11/12/2017
Screenshot from 2019-10-17 14-24-19.png
Kilotonnic test -mag 3,8- 2009 by digging from a platform

The first one I get, below, in 2006, was obviously carried out with a strong deal of dexterity by digging close to the rift (starting from the island – digging with an oblique way), and a limited magnitude (3,7) ; this is absurd on this side otherwise.

Screenshot from 2019-10-17 14-27-03.png

It makes sense to have a first test with a lot of care in a particularly difficult area, and then tests that are easier and easier to see “as the Russians feel they are not watched, they reduce the level of precaution”.

So yes I make my claim. See also the high altitude nuclear test of Sverdlovsk.

Another one in the same subduction area, also on the wrong side. This is just the area where the follow up to the Baikal lake is forming. The arc shows the pressure comes from the North. The Kuanda one in purple. The other earthquakes are on the good side.

Screenshot from 2019-10-17 15-34-15.png

See Iran here (matched with fission products leak, unexperimented country, not very rich, unable to close carefully) and China here (more blasts, of course, it’s China the wealthier country). More on Iran (actual picture of the entrance of a tunnel…), more on China.

Let’s nevertheless repeat that all countries with nuclear bombs can feel the need to sometimes test their trigger abilities. A full ban of testing is absurd.