In Bavaria’s Black Forest in the 1980s: DU weapons tests on trees

I noticed a few months ago by looking at the pictures of some areas of the Black Forest that the effects of the Bundeswehr’s experiments with depleted uranium ammunition there in the mid 1980s are still visible. The shuriken effect creates areas where quite large amounts of trees are cut down, slayed. There perhaps was an idea with killing Eastern Block tanks with DU to impossibilize their retrieval. I think this process was also somehow political in a kind of ridiculous, unfortunate “sacrifice of Nazism” ceremony.

I’m sorry but it’s also difficult for a German national still to be vegan or even simply vegetarian today without being seen as a nazi and this is tremendously wrong. Animals murdered just because of clichés and fear of being strongly discriminated against is truly horrendous. Also a word of memory for what the Black Forest was, and that these DU tests destroyed partly.

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