The only solution for the Gaza Strip

There is no other answer for Gaza than the bringing out of its inhabitants in new dwellings built along the Red Sea, in south Sinaï for instance, and the replacement of all buildings in Gaza by a forest. This forest will be a neutral space, under international guard, definitively. Not to be colonized again by any human (animals however are welcome). An important point is to have large trees, and to get some seawater through by arranging tiny channels to allow a semitropical nature in marsh-type soils to develop. All the rubble of the buildings all destroyed beforehand will have to be removed of course.

The inhabitants in this plan are all moved to new houses on Egyptian territory and get Egyptian citizenship. The plan needs to be funded by Gulf Countries (as concerns in particular the dwellings for the million and a half inhabitants, two to three-floors buildings being certainly a quite nice solution, along the Red Sea in these large desertic areas where there is room for development). The subcritical nuclear technology allows cheap electricity which is needed for some air conditioning in these new cities. Besides, the presence of a few units of Tsahal along the southern border of that forest would certainly make the things easier since no one except terrorist supporters would want to make infiltration of that forest possible. However this forest would have to stay virgin of human presence – no Israeli settlers are to be allowed either. It’s a compromise that benefits everybody, except those who want war. Not to mention the value of that grafted “green lung” for people surrounding and benefitting from the new oxygen.

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