Ghani’s death in a plane crash near Tehran

The former president of Afghanistan fled in a plane filled with 100$ bills in stacks (Russian diplomacy source) and certainly had also lithium stashed in it. A battery powered plane is likely.

What happened : in the evening of the 14th of August here in the French Riviera were fired fireworks using (like what has been done in Cannes several times before) nuclear power for powerful flashes. Like Cf252. Makes a tremendous flash. The moderator used was (in an obvious test of my manuscript) hard drugs. Cocaine first, and captagon. I saw the various “spreads” that resulted with the flashes (a quite fast powder first, and, after these cocaine filled shots, a very rapid liquid then with almost a blue flash, that’s captagon. In comparison with these fast liquid shots the cocaine powder is slow. Yes.) confirming pretty much my estimates (but maybe captagon reaches 1,07 ? Depends perhaps of the quality…).

A cocaine shot sunk an old (Soviet ?) SATELLITE with a fast neutron core in. I saw it falling down. A black dusty cloud with red tips around. To the East. Very high altitude. A natural fireball was pulled by this move a few minutes after actually. Such a satellite is obviously heavy because of the u238 core…

Near Tehran a pond of burning soil is found, totally black. It’s the satellite’s crash area.

Behind happens an electric flash, topic of the video above. Two wavelengths maybe, lithium obvious, also the 100$ bills, nothing more.

Ghani had escaped in the direction of Tehran but the plane was captured by the + charges of the u238 pond from the satellite crash and crashed diagonally on it ! It’s indeed not a true explosion, the plane “quashes itself” on the soil at a fast speed, but these are light materials, no heavy gasoline, no uranium… small rising overspreading fireball emitting light from the lithium fire. A local testimony indicates indeed no explosion. An electric plane : like a whiff of wind.

A drug merchant killed indirectly but mechanically by the destruction of other hard drugs in fireworks… dying in a pond of u238, symbol of the hardships of Afghanis that he ignored entirely… law of justice.

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