The idea for the political economy of a Republic that could have been taken from Sismondi

The main idea that I had in mind, that kept my thesis in activity for a year was the idea to offer agricultural workers for peasants in France from the Maghrebi descendents. To help these people that live in suburbs to benefit from fresh air in nature (escape the ‘’banlieues”) and having some work.

This conflicts with the fact that most of the time it supports animal agriculture. For instance. So not so useful idea. Can’t be excluded but difficult to handle.

Not to mention the fact that Sismondi sometimes supports forced work. (And that it may suggest organic growing, ‘’anti-technology’’ blablablah).

Il s’agissait donc de permettre des embauches nouvelles d’immigrants maghrébins vivant dans les cités, en activité agricole. Un autre défaut en plus que ce que j’énonce en anglais ci dessus est que en Auvergne, soyons honnête, avec l’uranium du sol on pouvait imaginer des organisations minières de terrorisme (microréacteurs pour plutonium) à partir de cela. Bref.

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