New Iranian missiles that you have to know

The Iranian missile arsenal is enormous now.

The SEJIL missile is a thermonuclear one that can reach possibly 100 kilotons explosive power (compare in a city of modern buildings with the Beyrut blast estimated to be 3 kilotons). I’m not showing it here but above you can see a drone in which I also see a Teller Ullam of even lower yield, 20 kt.

The new Zoljanah is a bigger non thermonuclear (gun system, plutonium, Na24, hydrogen behind, demultiplicates the fireball, I give it 500 kilotons or maybe 1 megaton). Yes, Teller Ullam design isn’t really… the key to big nuclear power. Mr Teller perhaps planned the thing (“My design was stolen !”) to enlight it as the dangerous thing, the dangerous thing is the Alarm Clock design, the simple Teller.

I was reading an article on kill chain processes in Second Line of Defense, an interesting defense website, that asked for “moments of clarity” and this is why I’m showing this now. Iran is making its power with depleted uranium harvested in Iraq but this does not matter so much.

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