The 1999 strikes on Belgrade are explained among other things by the “core” of the Serbian militarization post-Tito death

This “core” obviously is the nuclear reactor the autonomous workers of the mutualist system, built after Tito’s death in a community decision to start a militarization process :

So, it took them a few years, with a single big nuclear reactor, maybe built in-situ, to start a plutonium production process and I think we see the “refineries” for Pu239 extraction behind. The actual purpose of the last strikes on Belgrade was, among other things to destroy that nuclear reactor.

So, to show, here, the bombs used by the Yugoslav army are non-DU, the nuclear fire on the middle shows it, to the left they attacked a group of small fisher boats with their oil (semi heavy oil), to the right some motor cars I guess.

This does not change the conclusions on my first peer reviewed article. I felt the issue of a possible nuclear reactor in Belgrade already while writing it, but I did not had strong elements to insert it and also had available the case of the 10 dolphins dead from Alzheimer after contamination with the nuclear magma from Brunswick… so that was enough. We are talking of a plutogenic core, beta- doesn’t matter, etc, it’s a question of damage, energy, that’s all, has electricity already fostered memory losses ? Memories are like that ; it’s data in your brain too; that data has a weight, it can be damaged, with shocks like any other mass. The nature of brain traumas shows that (see my AJMCR 8-4-2).

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