Nazi delirium tremens : “let’s justify the Holocaust with the Ancient Testament”

Nazis obviously self-justify by 1. looking at Hitler’s quasi vegetarism until the end of WW2 and obvious veganism after 2. the point in Daniel where it is explained how veganism made stronger those Hebrews prisoners that could not get meat because it was not kosher “so because of karma all Jews had to be killed, they did not read the user’s manual you know”. BUT MOST HOLOCAUST OPERATORS WERE NOT QUASI-VEGETARIAN (AT LEAST). The Holocaust was a collective decision in Wansee, after the defeat in Tobruk that cut the possibility to apply Sismondi’s socialist calculation for Poland (expanded to Europe) and simply deport “in Africa because they are monkeys” (with a question nevertheless on the path through the desert, possibly was it planned to force them to walk… we will never know). A collective decision & collective action. On Sismondi’s socialist calculation for the construction of an implicitly Catholic Polish nation-state, see my book From an Einstein Syndrome to the People, last chapter.

Not only the point in Daniel is just a few lines of a book that is of several thousand pages (the definition of juridical nazism) but most Nazis were NOT applying Hitler’s regime and so not at all contributing to saving animal lives. How could they be allowed to hunt animal eaters ? They died.

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