On Quakerism, the Inner Light, and Unitarianism

Keratoconus is an illness which actually shows the eye in the triangle with the eyelids being the wings. Yes, it’s inside everyone ! The Light – it is inside you – the Inner Light of Quakerism. Trinitarianism was certainly built out of the will of using that figure of the triangle, by people willing to reassure themselves, to insert the usual figure of the triangle in their own sacred scripture. Even in the canonical texts there is no direct claim of Jesus’ divinity (for those who ask…). Jesus was a manipulator using cannabis oil to create “miracles”, based on what he certainly learnt in Egypt where medical use of cannabis was well known – but did not get lots of followers because Hebrews also knew that (some parts of the Ancient Testament as well refer to kaneh bosm, cannabis… Chris Bennett demonstrated it was well used in the area) so he “copypasted” in emergency one Egyptian myth (Osiris dismembered and brought back to life): the crucifixion did not happen, it was a lie, and indeed we have no actual archeological proof of it (e.g. judicial document of that era) confirming it.

The last supper served for Jesus to serve the disciples with a drug (opioid likely) – in Roman law Jesus should have been lapidated (source is Michel Onfray, Traité d’athéologie) and the story of his body not desecrated but carefully put down in a tissue is inconsistent with the lynching he was threatened with when climbing the Golgotha. He was telling Hebrews to pay their taxes : campaigning against Pilates for the governorship of Judea. A typical socialist (as defined by Ludwig von Mises… of course !) fighting merchants, encouraging to pay taxes to the crown and threatening with violence (kills a tree… ). The revival of Lazarus (in a cave) is obviously a fabrication, it’s found only in John who was in a closeted homosexual relationship with him. Jesus got John (not the others that had not the same relationship) to insert that impossible story that prepared the minds for the even bigger lie of the crucifixion and revival of Jesus himself in another cave (the material parallelism makes it easier to insert the second story in minds). Jesus certainly got assassinated once the lie was discovered. By his betrayed followers of course. And it is people not present in the four Gospels that take up the lie, they had to go away far from Judea to tell it and try to win donations, where cannabis wasn’t known for its medical properties – i.e. non tropical but colder climates – Anatolia, Greece, Roma.

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