The Einstein Syndrome is a natural increase in anandamide in the brain

Anandamide = THCa. Einstein’s brain was found to have some specific parts that are bigger. It’s a simple result of natural adaptation thanks to the increase in anandamide that people with the same syndrom, like me, have. Anandamide which is equivalent to THCa found in raw undried cannabis (when dried it turns into THC) is a neuroprotective and neuroregenerative product that complements cannabidiol, CBN and the other C- cannabinoids. It helped some parts of Einstein’s brain to grow and make new connections.

I self diagnosize this as I know I am not a lover of chocolate at all and have always badly reacted to THC-rich weed : my brain is already rich in anandamide and saturates.

For those who don’t know me please know :

  • I got a verbal IQ of >150 (the Weschler scale was not enough) – the non-verbal IQ varies, last time I tested it was 100, but at age 12 it was 126 and I got 148 in verbal (so the average was 146, there is no average in the second test taken in 2008 due to discrepancy)
  • I got a scientific baccalaureate at 16 y 1/2 with the best appreciation possible (très bien et félicitations du jury, 17,5/20 final average) and got admitted the same year in an engineering school in geophysics, Lassalle Beauvais & to Sciences Po Lille (I picked the second)
  • For the rest read my blog and my website