A few scientific notes

1. Positive lightning : a marker for underground magmatism. All forms of magmatism are nuclear explosions underground. When this is stated, understanding why positive lightning happens in areas of geothermy where there are incoming bubbles of magma (such as the US East Coast where a hot spot is coming slowly) is extremely easy. Positive lightning is an electric arc in which the electrons are in the ground and positrons in the cloud. These electrical arcs can reach distances far away from the storms (more than 50 km away). I have found no reports of positive lightning in France, but these happens more frequently for instance in the East Coast. The “”Seneca Guns”” in North Carolina where there is a good magmatism are one “mystery” solved by positive lightning – in addition I would say that the strongest “skyquakes” – another vernacular name for positive lightning – come with small underground earthquakes – it’s simply the underground quake that produces a lot of electrons, hence immediate positive lightning. Beta particles overload. Geothermy in Auvergne is still powerful but there are far less underground earthquakes and no positive lightning. It’s a declining plume, quasi totally emptied unlike the hot spot in the East Coast which is slowly coming and the other one under the Yellowstone, to California and New Mexico. Lightning above volcanoes erupting is of course explained the same way for there are light fission products such as iodine 131 in the volcano ash plume, and more beta particles underground.

2. Hurricanes aiming at nuclear reactors : a perfectly normal phenomenon. Nuclear reactors are a strong source of heat. It creates an overpressure around and the hurricane is a serious low pressure area. Forces attempt to balance as quickly as possible, hence going above a nuclear reactor is frequently the easiest way. The hurricane will stay so long as there is an overpressure (the destruction of the reactor by the hurricane being the easiest path – it’s a simple balancing of forces). I’ve pointed to Port St Lucie in 2017, Brunswick, Mc Guire, Shearon Harris, Robinson, Farley, Satsumasendai and Kori in 2018. I certainly missed some before (Waterford in 2005 ? What about 2012 ? … and Japan ? ). But what happened this year is certainly unprecedented, for obvious reasons – GW.

3. There clearly is a sodium-cooled fast reactor hidden in the Canjuers military camp which is the biggest in western Europe. I have seen “blueish flashes” (white light and a blue undertone) and went close to the entry of the camp and felt the >2,2 MeV gamma of the sodium-24 (you cannot get them with a Geiger…). Sodium-24 is produced close to the places of use because of its short half life. I think of other SFRs perhaps for instance in Jordan or aboard aircraft carriers / new generation cruise-missile carrying ships (maybe all of them).

sodium alkali yemen.gif

4. Using the technology of the Shkval to fasten the movements of nuclear submarines is certainly done. I tend to think the Soviet Union did that already in the 1970s. Avraham Shifrin mentions “nuclear reactor nozzle cleaning” in the nuclear gulags. Deadly because these are nozzles directly related to the nuclear reactors. The flow of water coming to the reactor core compresses it and that compression increases the thermal output which allows to start a pump, more water is expelled behind and thus more water gets in, it can accelerate quite much (with some form of logarithm level linked to the fragilities of the reactor) yet everytime the reactor decelerates there is fuel spilling back into the nozzles which thus have to be cleaned -> hence in the USSR the use of slave work. Classified as extermination zone by Shifrin (of course).

I think that many nuclear submarines use that technology, for instance as a secondary reactor hidden into the front and disguised as sonar as in the USS Virginia
I’ve pointed out how the uranium gulags of the Soviet Union were massive extermination zones. Circa 20 million people killed in 50 years in my estimations. There are others right now in China, the Russian Federation (found two in Daghestan (kill zone around ice) and Yamalia – kill zone where uranium is mined by 75 deg north), Albania, Turkey, Mongolia and Iran.

5. Nuclear waste in trenches obviously will progressively power up the volcanoes under which they are plunging…

6. Underwater volcanoes also contribute to global warming (of course !). See my article on how human losses of heat (not CO2) and volcanic tephra are the two motors of global warming.

7. Some ethological bullshit : no, female hyenas do not give birth through a giant penis-shape clitoris :

spotted hyena.png
No giant clitoris – a normal vagina and a clitoris pointing above, the head of the baby comes down below
And no, while homosexuality in walruses is widespread as is in all animal species, there is no such thing as “pedophile rape in walruses”, just bad mounting and copy pasting of videos mixing the relations between a father and youngster and a walrus couple (in a video doc on animal homosexuality I won’t link to – seriously, this is bullshit, pedophile rape and rape in general are proper to humans).