Origin of the “Garden of Eden” and “Atlantid” concepts

There is a location matching for the combinated concepts of the Garden of Eden and the Atlantid, together in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, that would have been destroyed by a small stream of cosmic fireballs together with a rock bolide carried behind (by the same stream) through the same gravitational effect, that left a particularly long and longitudinal (“straight-arrow”) shape on the bottom of the ocean floor.

The Azores archipelago is the result of this location.

from emodnet and https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Bathymetric-map-of-the-Azores-archipelago-The-right-inset-shows-the-location-of-the_fig5_301241789 – upload Tommy Andersson – EAFZ for rock bolide. Between Saa Miguel and Formigas the main fireball impact (U236-shape). Another between Graciosa and Terceira.

A single civilization existed, obviously, in the timeframe given by the Torah. The civilization obviously had an extractive dimension but with a large number of people that were not part of the group responsible for the disaster (see rules in [1]). This large number of people obviously had boats ready and seized them, escaping the explosions and the volcanic eruptions triggered by the fireballs impacting the ground.

This is the only explanation available for the mass accretion of sand in the Pilat dunes (compare with the direction of the Gulf Stream oceanic current).

So the fireball was obviously remembered thinly, dimly, by people who had survived but received alpha-emitting nanoparticulates, esp. Cm247, and salt, from the ocean (see my Letter to the Porto Biomedical Journal, Nov 2019…), the fruit and snake figure representing, figuratively, one cosmic fireball coming onto the Azores, and its trail !