On the rights of Germans – and on the rise of the far-right in that country

The combination of

  • the truth of the massive use of depleted uranium (not needed for armour piercing, a weapon of mass destruction, crime against humanity in the own words of General Pierre-Marie Gallois) by the USA, UK and France in the Middle East, before that in the Balkans, in Vietnam, and
  • the silence on the horror of the extermination camps in the Soviet Union that were the uranium gulags until the 1980s (rezkoie fizitcheskoye istochtchenie : camps of death through forced exhaustion in work in the uranium mines – read in French La solution finale par le travail forcé, lorsque l’uranium remplace le Zyklon B, and my early draft paper in English – ethnic minorities including Jews were obviously among the core targets, Khrushchev had many antisemitic words… for the uranium gulags of the Soviet Union the estimate is of 27 million victims over the period 1939-43 to 1985, this number is not included in the Black Book of Communism of Courtois et al) – with such camps still today in the Chinese Laogai, not to mention also the uranium mines of the Iranian theocracy, the still existing camps in Siberia, in North Korea and beyond (all of this documented with satellite imagery) ;
  • —> leads in Germany to a feeling of exclusion, of being trampled upon, of being used as the universal scapegoat ; in combination with Nazi propaganda on environmental protection under the Third Reich (whereas DU is also an environmental disaster – and the antitank weapons of the Third Reich, like those of Israel today, were not spiked with DU), this creates the conditions for a fall of many into the belief that “it was better under Hitler”, that we need a new Nazism to get our rights as people respected. The AfD party is strong and antisemitism in the rise in Germany.
  • When in France you know how the leftist groups maintain the cult of the dangerosity of chemicals for health (a cult that my scientific research dismantled – alpha-emitting nanoparticulates are highly destructive, and are everywhere at strongly varying levels but always forgotten) in relation with an innuendo that it’s “German companies, those who did the Zyklon B, that are producing these chemicals making you sick”, and when as German you see how this cult is still very strongly echoed in the French mainstream media for instance, you can only feel disgusted by the latent germanophobia (especially when you know the truth on alpha-emitting nanoparticulates and how this silence relates to all the above !).
  • Lastly there is also a lack of balance in the coverage of history : the cult around Napoléon Bonaparte, the many streetnames honouring also Napoléon the 3rd (see also Germanwings crash), both men who did not help peace in Europe but brought war, creates a glut, and there is this tendency that’s obvious in French monuments related to WW2 to assimilate Nazis to “Germans” as if all Germans approved of a totalitarian regime that of course also chased opponents, not only Communists & Jews & homosexuals & Roma (and actually, the maps of legislative results of the NSDAP show that it was most strongly supported by Germans who lived in areas not historically German and where they were conflicting with Slavic people, and were of course looking for an imperial regime to secure their presence, whereas the Germans of what is today’s Germany did not express the same level of enthusiasm for the nazi party…).

In the 1st Gulf War in 1991 the official discourse is that “it’s General Schwarzkopf who ordered the use of DU”, is that true ? or was he picked as scapegoat because of his German name by G. H Bush ?