Why Titus Brandsma matters

I cry in front of Titus Brandsma. This man was a genius philosopher who tried to oppose himself to nazism.

In my opinion he is more than a Saint, but has to be acclaimed as the new “Jesus”, and in his name René Girard’s Violence and the Sacred can be read, in Catholic Churches, as the new Holy Book. Since this book spills from the Nazi experience, describing implicitly what manufactured it in a neutral way while presenting a wider model, that is efficient. Marie Sklodowska-Curie can be adored as the new Marie. That’s also important. She died for the same reasons than Titus Brandsma.

I question myself on the lethal injection that was used to kill Titus Brandsma in Dachau. In my opinion, before cremation of his body, he was most likely injected uranium in a liquid form. Since he was to be put in a crematory oven, this was almost certainly for bomb manufacturing. Or else what ? The Third Reich’s extermination system involved making bombs with anything at hand to fight Communism and “its main responsibles, Jews” in the dialectics of Nazism. So people not useful alive were used dead. It’s quite clear if not CERTAIN that liquid uranium was used. Perhaps thorium if not uranium ? They could have known of thorium.

Besides this is an invitation to read on the new genocide in Ukraine, continuing Hitler’s work, see there and there for the last situation updates, and here for other important comments. Don’t forget to look through these URLs to other pages of the same website… for many other important elements. It’s clear that in Khmelnitskyi an upgraded nuclear reactor technology, partly subcritical and using SOMEHOW the “olive frame” but full of blades to kill humans thrown in was used (large machine initially owned by GE, which obviously sold to Westinghouse), with a laser accelerator, and HUMAN MEAT EXTRACTION at the bottom, then “dumped” in vegan meals. The core was railgunned or missiled very recently. I still have some of the meat in my fridge and ask myself if I need a cure of Jewish cells… What do you think.

Some could say that “the Ukraine splushing its uranium on the East” “means its war flag is the Buddhist flag”, firstly they did not EVEN raise the Buddhist flag, secondly it destroys the environment along with human beings in an indiscriminate way and is an insult to Buddhism. Like this cannibalism practice, even if indeed Vegans are proposed Vegetarians or even Meateaters (through this Garden Gourmet product for instance, the brand does not lie in a certain way by flagging the new product with blue and yellow… before that lab grown meat, they were selling, it’s just not transparent, I’m a nuclear fission specialist and know what I am writing). It’s pure MADNESS.

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