The coronavirus, « nature’s revenge » ? Why the Pope is essentially right here (updated 02/05)

Painful truths : if you have a healthy lifestyle, don’t drink, don’t smoke, eat vegan, avoiding fast sugars… you likely won’t be a victim of the coronavirus. Any disease takes hold much more easily onto bodies which are partly damaged and this damage, in general, at least testifies, as well, of poor respect of the environment : he/she who drinks a lot, smokes a lot, deals with his/her own body as a trashcan, by eating bad foods, is also likely to have few respect for the environment he/she lives in ; having that way of life indicates, in general, attempts at establishing relations of strength with others : i.e. it’s first for showing off that ones has these poor habits, for instance going to the bar to drink with others, smoking with others, racing on the roads with others (so car accident risk, leading to poorer health outcomes), eating meats and other animal products with others (it’s a social habit linked to nevrosis, it’s about pretending dominance onto other animals to compensate sexual insecurity due to self repression of the innate bisexuality, so it is necessarily done in front of the eyes of other humans), etc. See again of course my first chapter on the nevrosis spilling from self-repression of the innate bisexuality, in my book.

The pandemic origin, in China is as many others argued, a “bioweapon” (you don’t make a virus out of nothing ; it’s about researchers taking a pre-existing coronavirus, exposing it to mutations by using radioactivity (maybe together with CRISPR-CAS9, before or after radioactivity experiments) – the Wuhan P4 lab is just near a uranium-rich hill, uranium laogai victims were forced to mine uranium just near, before use as support for experiments in the P4 lab itself described as bunker, “quasi prison” (read this) – then CCP officers come and take a strain to release it, to catch dissenters and kill them as the virus allows putting the city where they are on lockdown and raid massive amounts of homes (there always are groups that compete for power in a communist regime like anywhere else, but in a pyramidal system with no economic freedom the elimination of the loser is always very brutal…).

Anyway, what made its initial rapid spread possible is a combination of human density, high urban pollution (from car fumes, coal ashes from the numerous coal plants… that’s radioactivity : see “NORMs”), the fallout of the Taal volcanic eruption going North-West (there are alpha-emitting nanoparticulates in volcanic fallout, that’s why the major Santorini eruption of -1600 caused stillbirths in Egypt), together with the very strong urban densities in China, a country with a strong meat-eating tradition, lots of tobacco smokers… the past fallout of the two secret nuclear accidents, Tianjin 2015 (Reuters, Sept 2015 : “China begins nationwide nuclear safety checks after Tianjin blast“) and Leizhou 2018 (discussed at the end of this)…

Many of the above things are CCP-related. Even if the virus had come totally naturally (neither a release from a lab, or a mutation in uranium mine prisoners…) many of the issues remain CCP-related, the high coal pollution, the strong human densities in big cities are related to the long-term industrial policies of the Communist regime, massive use of coal, deliberate centralization in urban “poles of growth” where political control over the masses is easier… but there is also significant popular support to the CCP (mainly, fueled by the behaviour of Western powers in the past – when they were colonial powers in China – , and, still, today, somehow, their neocolonialism – depleted uranium weapons being, potentially, the worst gift to CCP propaganda)… the fallout of the two nuclear accidents in sodium fast neutron reactors, Tianjin & Leizhou, that also contributes to weakening immune defenses, accelerating spreading of the virus, is also directly CCP-related as sodium-fast reactors (like Chernobyl) are used to make sodium-24, powerful neutron source for more powerful bombs, the lack of care around these reactors is also due to the natural failures of a Communist regime, both ultramilitaristic and unable to ensure a constant level of safety around these particularly dangerous installations.

CCP-related hence but first and foremost, as in any place, first taking out people based on their behaviour, once the virus is liberated then it’s about the lifestyles of each individual and only that ! (see first paragraph again)

I have demonstrated simple principles of natural justice in my paper @ International Journal of Physics 7-4-4, these principles apply – especially as, it is essential to point, it, cures for the virus are also found in nature and I’ve been perhaps the first one to point to the natural answers, first I’ve found Salvia officinalis, thanks to an earlier study demonstrating its effects on the earlier strain of SARS-CoV (this is being peer-reviewed…), second in another plant I’ve tested successfully on myself a few days ago, Sonchus arvensis (sow thistle – but it’s important to look carefully, not to confuse with other plants of close species) – its unhatched flowers eaten just as the respiratory problems, inflammation, fever start, its effects were tremendous (there is a list of pre-existing studies demonstrating the strength of Sonchus arvensis against chronic fever, asthma, chest stiffness, cough, etc. – I’ve got another paper sent for peer-review on this). Nature kills those who don’t respect it and nature provides enough to save those who respect it and love it. Governments seem unable to really understand but it’s also true that most people don’t want to see (due to self-repression of the innate bisexuality in most, loss of link with nature in general, bisexuality is a part of the link to nature but there’s not only that), and governments have to represent the majority.

Another point : people with self-repression of the innate bisexuality are much likely to compensate by seeking to live in crowded areas, enjoying the human contact as indirect compensation for their unsatisfied sexual & emotional desires. Crowded areas where the virus spreads particularly rapidly.

I’d like to remind how my first book chapter points to the Lipsey-Lancaster paradox that is implicit in Mises’ idea of an ever spinning economy, like a spindle falling at any shock. Anarcho-capitalism is a long-term prospect. It’s the only way a society without violence can be thought – markets replacing democracy. If there is progress in humans (for instance : I’ve pointed in my book chapter to the current rate of persons recognizing their bisexuality, of less than 1%, comparing with the fine structure constant, it doesn’t mean it’s definitive !) and governments, at the same time progressively dismantle themselves because the political elites find that, as I’ve proposed, health and security  work better when decentralized & privately ensured, and that fostering individual responsibility is the key to it, maybe will we enter in anarchocapitalism quite rapidly !

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