The Iranian missiles FIND their way : miss their American target, hit a plane with Iranians and allies of their regime onboard

There is a certain rule in which violence tends to fall back onto those who do it. The Iranian missiles (built in a country with extremely low economic freedom, hence people have few incentive to do good work, could have been built in a jail like the V1 and V2 of Nazi Germany, many sabotage actions happen) miss their American target ; but people of the Iranian regime that were allowed by the Iranian police onto a plane, together with people of foreign origins that certainly had a link with the Iranian regime (what else were they doing now in Iran with the international crisis) gets hit and & downed.

Also, with the usual effect of heavy industries and the stream of military activity around these places, one area of the lithosphere reached break point @ Bushehr nuclear plant. Read IJP 7-4-4.

(To change subjects but since I’m at it : it’s obvious that the recent Puerto Rico quakes gained intensity due to slow drift of the Brunswick nuclear trash getting into the subduction area – the spin of the Earth pushes the dirt westward, so it drifts along South Carolina, Florida etc.)

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