A rational (“non-vegan”) argument to tolerate and protect the snakehead fish species in the US

I am reading an array of articles pointing to the expansion of a fish population in the US that has been imported by fish eaters, aquariophiles etc and released (as many invasive species) : the snakehead fish whose habit of sliding on wet land from one lake to another, like some other fish, brought it a reputation of “walking fish”.

There is obviously an opportunism of the self-repressed who just enjoy fishing as a predatory pastime substitute of the anal pleasure they reject. They need to protect their prey and eliminate competitors. So they make you feel with caps-lock headlines there is a “walking fish”, show the teeth as if it was a threat for humans… yes, a fish of the size of a medium dog sliding in wet land… (typical hypocrisy)

But, beyond this argument, I want to point out how the snakehead could rationally be a great adjuvant to the fauna in the US. I am reading a US Fish & Wildlife report on invasive species dedicated to the snakehead which notes : The introduced blotched snake-head in Madagascar is known to crawl onshore, allow its body to be covered with ants, then return to the water where the ants are dislodged and subsequently eaten by the fish

I’d like to point that : with the risk of the coming of predatory ants in the US, released somehow accidentally or not, and enjoying the good climate, the snakehead species could prove actually very useful. Have you heard of army ants ? My maternal grandfather was a medic in the French colonial army and lived in Africa, the custom was to put cribs on tables and put each leg of the table in a pot filled with oil to avoid army ant attacks on babies…

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