The liquidity crisis triggered by D J Trump’s policy against Iran – the US money printing at work to protect US war plans

UDPATE : more and more Fed money printing ongoing.

Repurchases rates have spiked – and now the SOFR too – as a consequence of Donald Trump playing with the fire in the Middle East. The New York Fed is getting in the markets on the orders of Donald Trump to conceal divestment by Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabian investors know that the Iranian missiles are a reply to secret US railgun policy – secret destruction of weapon arsenals in Russia, Kazakhstan, Northern Cyprus. (see one, two – with direct proof : shadow of the shells as the sun was very high and the railgun had hit a lob, three)

Screenshot from 2019-09-18 14-40-10.png

So they’re certainly paying the US Pentagon for the “help” promised against Iran (Trump said they will have to foot the bill)… with money pulled from their investments in US Treasuries. They’re not fools.

And the situation is accelerating now. The liquidity crisis, with shortage of funding on markets, exactly as what was the peak of the 2008 liquidity crisis, is getting harsher.

The other essential underlying issue for Trump is the Brunswick nuclear accident he himself triggered by dragooning the company to not close the reactor as hurricane Florence came – to make money with insider trading in the pharmaceutical industry. Means there is a secret lack of energy requiring more oil to compensate ; and a lot of economic destruction (due to the strong peak in illnesses…) which also needs more entries of value to conceal the slowdown it causes. War abroad… “Yes we will ‘protect’ that oil in Syria
On Brunswick I have a series of articles posted on – see for instance this, this, this with direct video proof of the explosions -flashes of light from supercriticities in burning cores seen from Wilmington NC at the beginning, and a huge Geiger peak on Sept 23 2018 in a plane flying from South Korea to Atlanta, with 14 microSv/h at the end) which shows the tremendous damage is the “cloud effect” of the alpha emitting nanoparticulates that have spread : as they are positively charged (in each nanoparticulate you have lots of atom decaying with alpha particles staying inside, so the uranium, plutonium particles of the fallout are strongly positively charged…) so this attracts storms !
Note how West Virginia is actually a bit protected by the hills of the Appalachians and gets slightly less fallout. The spin of the Earth brings most of the fallout to the West, and given the relative weight of the nanoparticles they are driven more to the North than to the South where the rotation is faster.
Just a few weeks after the beginning of the nuclear accident… Particulate Matter review panel, on airborne pollutants, of the EPA, disbanded…
Trump EPA.png

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