More proof for government conspiracies behind terrorist attacks : 9/11 and 13/11/2015

Actually… There is no need to plant explosives to get 9/11 : a plane freshly loaded with lots of fuel is in itself quite a bomb against a tower made mostly from glass and steel (itself carbon steel). A plane is made from aluminium which is pyrophoric. The carbon from the body means more fuel. It’s the kinetic energy of the plane at the impact that adds the energy needed for a powerful combustion and the carbon steel will start getting weak quickly (because of the ~2% carbon especially). So under the weight of the above floors it WILL break up – and it will happen brutally after a long period of latency – that’s breaking the barrier of potential. Basics kinetics.


Marvin P Bush had key positions in Securacom just before the 9/11 attacks so he could easily have access to the architecture of the Twin Towers and to the security checks at Washington Dulles airport
Marvin P Bush had key positions for knowing the architecture of the Twin Towers and the security of Washington Dulles airport

How to get easily knowledge of the architecture of the main targets, and of how to escape security checks, without even asking the security services like the CIA – the less people know…And of course the passports of the terrorists are miraculously recovered ! Happened also for 13/11/2015 in Paris (in the Bataclan).

Sur le 13/11/2015 j’ai oublié dans mon précédent article un point clef : “Makao”, garde du corps de Macron, est ami avec le logeur Bendaoud. Confirmé par Libération… Et on a retrouvé “merveilleusement” les passeports des terroristes au Bataclan (comme dans les ruines du World Trade Center, cf ci dessus) !

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