A massive war is coming for the reelection of Mr Trump & more oil to compensate nuclear reactor losses

Hypothesis 1. Venezuela seems now to be more of a trending topic and the war could be actually for Venezuelian oil.

Hypothesis 2.

Let’s not discuss here the separate issue of Saudi depleted uranium in Yemen (depleteduranium.org on this and on the identical weapons of the West). It’s obvious that Donald Trump needs a “just, easy war” to be reelected. Saudi Arabia fits. It’s an enemy that seems impressive but whose weapons are mostly made in the US and UK. This means there obviously is ways for these countries to desactivate them, with software backdoors.

The Kashoggi scandal followed the nuclear disasters from hurricane Florence (most importantly Brunswick NPP but three other PWRs as well) and other reactors have suffered heavy damage this year (the Farley nuclear plant, the Satsumasendai plant in Kyushu, the reactors in Kori / Shin-Kori). Believing that the CIA plays against Mr Trump is utterly ridiculous. The US president is playing a game of hot and cold. Dropping a few tips on his plans (as when he said the Soviet Union was right to invade Afghanistan !) while cuddling with the Saudis – he knows he will be immensely popular the day Saudi Arabia will be invaded. 9/11 and ISIS…

I also think that the whole Gilets Jaunes movement in France (centered first on high gasoline prices) was started covertly in an agit-prop operation by the French government ; orders have been given to public TV journalists to attach a lot of attention to what is a relatively small group ; it’s obvious that these hotheads will LOVE seeing their country invade Saudi Arabia together with the USA.

War means also lots of money for heads of State (retrobribes on calls for tenders after overpricing – notice also the fall of oil prices since early October) – and a “just war” would allow the Fed to lower interest rates as they did for the Iraq war (starting the housing bubble that burst when G W Bush left the White House).

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