Trump’s political strategy is like Dubya’s : the “Deep State Conspiracy” is a reality TV show

Trump is faking everything – he’s faking being an idiot to whom high civil servants are disobeying to. He’s faking being a Russian agent – his policies in Syria directly contradict that. He’s giving orders to organize everything, to make it look like “the Deep State is conspiring against him”. If the Deep State has a true representative, I think it’s for everyone John Bolton – how this man ends up right in the middle, handpicked by the president who campaigned against the war in Syria in 2013 ? Trump is a vile liar who understands that the bigger the lie, the easier it is to inoculate it safely. Trump wants you to believe he is full of contradictions ; meanwhile he can rule safely ; he just needs to permanently organize the “show”. The economic crisis is approaching and the US government is planning yet another forged chemical attack in Syria ; but everyone is looking for “the traitor of the op-ed of the New York Times” in a farce in which “he is rumoured to want to use the polygraph”… Comedy show of the 90s. Isn’t Trump a magnate of entertainment ? Isn’t this how he built his entire media career ? Reality TV,  the kingdom of the set-up…

It’s just a logical follow up to G. W. Bush’s “idiocracy” – everyone in Texas knows Bush’s Texan accent is faked, and that he didn’t had it in the 1970s – a political spin learnt certainly from Karl Rove – Bush studied at Yale – to seduce the inhabitants of Crawford, Texas… Journalist William Reymond notes in Bush Land how actors are used for scenography, “coming in bus from Waco” while “haystacks have just been set up”. Trump is doing the same, except he’s ramping it up. Trump expects everyone will believe the story but “the dear leader making appeal to the people” isn’t exactly a new strategy – Mao Zedong’s… Giving the people a way to unleash passions so that nobody is doing accurate reporting work. All “leaks” are under control. I’d point again to another interesting document by Booz Allen & Hamilton, a think-tank who suggested at least once that the US authorities do “managed release of confidential information” so as to divert inquiries farther from more important issues (such as what I raise on my website on DU weapons) :

Diversion material Booz Allen Hamilton
Found that in a footnote of a Chomsky book, What we say goes

Trump has in fact ramped up massively that strategy, it’s as simple as that. Trump has the “Deep State scapegoat” available in his communication tools so he may at any time use it to revert policy and foil people – for instance coming nicely having “discovered the conspiracy of the Deep State to forge chemical attacks in Syria” if the proofs circulate too widely – he crucifies a few high civil servants, makes a lot of noise, and comes back to more manipulation somewhere else (North Korea for instance) ?

What a US president needs is war because it’s the best way to spend lots of public money and ensure a lot of cash back in his own pockets through each call for tender (pay a lot to the company while forcing it to retrocede a big back part of it in your private accounts – cf the $21 trillion hole). So he will manipulate you into believing a war is needed somewhere, that’s all – Trump can switch between Syria, Iran and North Korea so may be swinging back and forth between these countries. That’s all.